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Passion (n)- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, and that’s just what Professional Body Piercer Kivaka has for his career and for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Most little boys want to b e police officers or firemen when they grow up, but that wasn’t the case for Kivaka. Kivaka got his first tattoo at the age of ten and that’s when it all started. He grew up around tattoo studio's, cops, bikers, and all types of humans being a military kid and when he turned 15 he was taken in and taught how to pierce. Kivaka preferred piercing over tattooing so he decided to just work as a piercer and he’s been doing it ever since 1992. Over the years in his career Kivaka has accomplished many of things including helping write the state piercing exam for the state of wisconcin and helping inform the health inspectors on what the proper things are to look for when inspecting a Tattoo or Body Piercing studio. Kivaka has taken many courses and attended many seminars to better educate himself in his profession and has also became CPR/BBP certified as well, to insure the safety of all his clients and himself.Kivaka is one of the most well known and respected artists out there, not only for his professionalism, but for his quality of work. You can look at a photo of a piercing and you’d know if Kivaka pierced it, not because of his unique style of photography, but mainly for the nice clean piercing. Kivaka sends his clients home with a smile and a flawless piercing every time and has reveived many compliments and awards for his work. In his spare time Kivaka enjoys fishing and spending time with his Son. He also owns and maintains his website, www.kivaka.com, where you can go and check out some of his work. I think that if everyone had as much charisma and devotion about their careers as Kivaka does life would be epic in his own words, Kivaka also loves to train in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Carlson Gracie Jr /Daniel and Pedro Vianna and loves to train in Mauy Thai now and then



Identification Policy NO one under 16!

Acceptable ID's include:
· State issued driver's license.
· State issued learner's permit along with photo card.
· State issued identification card.
· Passport
· Military ID or Dependent Card
· Mexico voter card
· School ID's will work aslong as you have a Birth Certificate, If last names do not match you will have to bring in your marriage/divorce papers.

Reviews From people that I have Pierced.

*Jess Catuncan 5 stars

Outgoing, friendly and professional 5 stars :)

*Matt-5 stars

Kivaka is amazing he did my lip in 2 seconds it didn't hurt and he's a cool and funny guy Im getting the other side of my lip this coming Friday he just pierced it tonight he's very clean and professional and very knowledgeable about how to care for the piercing afterward he uses all brand new sterile equipment I rate 5 stars hands down I recommend you go to kivaka for your piercing!!!!!!!

*Redbirdgirl22 5 stars

-a great piercer. friendly. good work. i have multiple piercings done by him and they all healed great.

*Lisa Bauer-Nelson — 5 stars

Took my daughter today for her 16 birthday, wouldn't trust anyone else, he is wonderful. His new place is very clean and really nice.

*Montana Z. 5 Stars

Kivaka was first recommended to me a few years ago and at the time I wasn't 18 yet so both of my parents came to his shop with me. He assured my parents everything was clean and done professionally by answering questions, showing my mom the the sterilizer, and the tools being taken out of new un-opened packages. Kivaka was very respectful, wasn't just one of those "hurry up. give me your money, here's a piercing" type guys. My parents were thrilled about that aspect, and trust me it took them a whole year to even consider allowing me to get one, so that was huge! After my first piercing I went back for 4 others and along the way every time one of my friends wanted a piercing I said don't go anywhere else, i'm taking you to Kivaka. I've brought about 6 people to him and all of which have been happy with their piercings. You pay for quality, and a great piercing experience, and if you listen to how Kivaka tells you to clean your piercing and take care of it well, then you will be just as happy as I was :) Kivaka is a great conversationist, very chill, and will make you feel comfortable if you are nervous!

*Jamie F.Sugar Grove, IL-5 stars

Kivaka is the best. Reasonably priced, quick, little pain and a nice and funny guy. Ill never go anywhere else to get a piercing. Also, waiting for a tattoo you're good company! My belly button looks awesome and I still love my tragus from 6 years ago. Thanks Kivaka!

*Shireen Sheikh Hussain — 5 stars

Kivaka is awesome, professional, sanitary, and an absolute riot. My daughter and I had our noses pierced by Kivaka; he's great at easing fears and making the whole process great. Super quick too! It was over before I realized it. Thanks so much!

*Kayla Marie — 5 stars

So glad I went to him. Did a great job. Wouldn't go anywhere else !!!

*Jessica Sprout O'Connell — 5 stars

As always a wonderful piercing experience. There is no other piercer I would entrust with my modifications.

*Michelle F.5 stars

Twin Lakes, WI-Got my first piercing over 10 years ago from Kivaka when he was at a shop in Lake Geneva, he is by far the best !! I have 13 piercings and the majority were done by him. Only reason they all weren't is because I could not drive over two hours to the new shop he works at.

*Anicka Klim — 5 stars

Love love love him!!!

*Carly Chavez — 5 stars

Definitely made my first piercing on my face the best experience ever. He's very very professional, he's funny, & really knows his stuff. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. He's an amazing piercer & I'm for sure going back to him for more piercings eventually.

*Meghan Lee — 5 stars


*Linda Palm Fitzgerald — 5 stars

Did an amazing job! Thanks :)

*Toxicskin-5 stars

great portfolio. i love your piercings. thanks for the nipple piercing it healed great

*Alexa Johnson-Roach — 5 stars

My belly button piercing looks great and not only that, but I was totally comfortable and well informed. Highly recommend this guy!

*Kristen E.Oak Lawn, IL 5 stars

I received my first ever piercing (nostril) a few days ago and could not be happier with my experience in Kivaka's studio! Naturally, I was a bit nervous... Kivaka's knowledge on what to expect and how to treat a healing nose piercing (as well as his easy-going, down-to-earth demeanor) put me at ease immediately. The process was as quick, smooth, and as painless as possible! Kivaka also only uses quality, titanium jewelry; none of that cheap crap... Three days later, I have minimal swelling or tenderness, which can only be attributed to a clean, precise piercing done by a passionate professional. It looks fantastic! I am more than satisified with my overall experience with Kivaka and would urge you to contact him! You can expect nothing short of proficiency, professionalism, and quality.

*Heather —5 stars

Kivaka is an awesome professional he did my nose, belly and my tongue. Super quick and before you know it you are done. He makes you have as little pain as possible. Thanks again :)

*Jenny-5 stars

excellent piercer. very nice, helpful and clean. i got my tounge pierced several years ago but i still remember how great he was!

*Cara Fedo — 5 stars

Very professional and understanding when it comes to any piercing. Clean, safe, and you instantly trust him by just talking to him about what you're interested in getting. Also a good sense of humor that makes you feel less nervous. I wouldn't trust anyone but Kivaka !

*Michelle Macabre Fahlstrom — 5 stars


*Dana G. 5 stars

I've known Kivaka for almost a decade now. I will not let anyone else pierce me. I don't even risk changing my jewelry myself. 
Before I knew Kivaka, I got my lip pierced by another piercer.... let's just say bad idea. I lived with a crooked piercing that never really healed for 6 years. I finally took it out and got a new one(on the side this time) courtesy of Kivaka! So much better! All healed up, perfectly placed, and the pain was considerably milder. He has got a wealth of knowledge in his field and all things related. He has been piercing for over half his life. He has passion for what he does, takes it very seriously, and also loves and respects everyone he pierces. He has a ton of high quality jewelry and if you want something he doesn't have, he will order it for you. Anytime the subject of piercing comes up, the name Kivaka inevitably follows. He is so well known in the industry because his work speaks for itself. Like art. Clean to the highest degree and not a cut corner.
No need to speak about price or location because that's not important. Trust me. Drive anywhere, pay anything for quality. It's your body... you only get one. Put it in the hands of a true professional.

*Eileen Greifenkamp — 5 stars

I will not let anyone else pierce me. He gets it right every time and it's a really chill guy. I always have a great time with him and my friends!

*S A. 5 stars

Seriously helpful and very kind. needed help replacing an earring for a new piercing, and Kivaka stepped right up and helped out. Great service and definitely recommend him for piercings =)

*Melanie Ludvigsen —5 stars

Just got my tragus repierced (for the 3rd time). Hurt less with Kivaka than it did with anyone else. Thanks! I love it!

*Clayton Nessling — 5 stars

Best of the best right here

*Michelle Bostic — 5 stars

Great guy. Great work. Need I say more? If you're thinking about getting pierced, he's the one to see!

*Hayley Dockum — 5 stars

I ♥ Kivaka! I traveled from Bloomingdale to come to him for my tongue piercing. He's super nice and made me feel really comfortable. Highly recommended!

*Sarah Elizabeth Hogan —5 stars

Only guy I trust to stick a needle through me. Clean, professional.... And funny!! :D

*Jen Cox — 5 stars

amazing! !

*Sambalina Alice —5 stars

Hands down, one of the best piercers I know. Knowledgeable, professional and a great bedside manner.

*Nikki Weinhart-Campbell —5 stars

I would recommend Kivaka to anyone…awesome guy, very knowledgable and professional…not to mention a total sweetheart...I have been there 3 times so far and wouldn't think of going anywhere else…when it comes to him, you're in great hands!!!!

*Janis Leannah Gerali —5 stars

Just got my lip pierced. Kivaka is super nice and makes you feel comfortable. I won't go to anyone else.

*Skye Forister —5 stars

So happy every time he pierces me! He is wonderful and is always on point. Only person i actually trust and only person i will go to. If you want a piercing done right go to Kivaka!

*Vincent-5 stars

This dude does the best wrk in the country.. make it a point to get peirced by him!!

*Kimberly Doerr Susko —5 stars

Thank you Kivaka! I got my nose pierced Christmas Eve and my experience was awesome! Quick, painless and I must say quite happy with the price! Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

*Katy Richard — 5 stars

Out of the people I've had pierce me - he was DEFINITELY the best. I felt so comfortable there. I went in on my 18th birthday and he did my conch in my right ear, then immediately after did the industrial piercing on my left ear. I cried like a big baby, but still felt like I was in good hands. Laughed and joked with me through it to get my mind off the pain. I would never get pierced anywhere else!

*C M.Montgomery, IL 5 stars

Absolutely LOVE his work. I got a nose piercing, not my first one, but definitely, my most enjoyable one. He's so down to earth, knows his business, and explains everything. In minutes I was comfortable with him. Not to mention, a great sense of humor. I would only go back to Kivaka!

*Amanda T. Aurora, IL 5 stars

I just had my eyebrow pierced by Kivaka and I have to say that in all of my years of getting pierced he is the best piercer I have been to. He is very personable and funny and makes you feel completely at home and comfortable while sitting in his piercing chair, not to mention the AMAZING work that he does. This is by far my favorite piercing and I am so appreciative! Thanks Kivaka! I'll most definitely be back, and I'll bring my little brother back when he is ready for his first piercing :)

*Amanda Rangel —5 stars

Kivaka is the BEST! I will not go anyhere else!

*Lauren  — 5 stars

Professional, clean needles, nice guy too!

*Noshaba Bhatti — 5 stars

I got my nose re-pierced after having taken it out nearly a decade ago, and Kivaka did an amazing job. He was patient with all my questions, confident and calm, talked me through everything, and he was really fun to interact with. The actual needle poke was so quick.. 'though not painless ;). My niece got hers just two weeks prior and my sister-in-law got pierced with me. We are in love with our piercings! We even swung through a few days later to have him check out how we were healing, and he again took his time to answer our questions.
Thank you so much, Kivaka! I might have to take the long trek up to see you from my abode in the city of Chicago to re-pierce ear piercings that have closed. You are amazing. And thanks for actively opposing animal cruelty & dog fighting. :)

*Alex Hoover — 5 stars

Made my nipple piercings go way smoother than I ever could've imagined. Great piercer and an awesome guy to talk to!

*Courtney Wall — 5 stars

I recommend him to everyone. Everyone in my family, including myself has been pierced by him. He makes it sound painless and explains everything so well. He's so comfortable around everyone and fun!

*Elizabeth Thompson — 5 stars

.I just got my eyebrow pierced by Kivaka and it looks awesome! The process was completely painless, easy, and fast. He was so nice and easy to talk to. I had a great experience and I will most definitely be back for more. Thank you Kivaka!

*S A. Edison, NJ 5 stars

Seriously helpful and very kind. needed help replacing an earring for a new piercing, and Kivaka stepped right up and helped out. Great service and definitely recommend him for piercings =)

*Therese M.Aurora, IL 5 stars

I have gone to Kivaka for 5 piercings and would never consider going elsewhere! He only uses top quality products and provides a clean and friendly atmosphere. Best piercer EVER!!!!

*Jocelyn W. Geneva, IL 5 stars

Kivaka is awesome! I have gotten my belly button and two ear piercings done by him so far and will def get the rest of my piercings by him! He is very nice and it is obvious he knows exactly what he is doing. So far, I have not had to wait any longer than 5 minutes to get a piercing done. He is also reasonably priced. The thing I like the most about him is that he obviously knows what he is doing and has further knowledge about the body rather than just how to use a needle.

*Anita C. Naperville, IL 5 stars

I've wanted my nose pierced since I was a little girl. Today I decided to do it. I walked in, made no appointment and waited only 10 minutes. KIVAKA IS AMAZING. His sense of humor put me at ease, even though I love needles and have a high pain tolerance. He takes out and opens all equipment right in front of you. He explains everything to you and is very patient when you have questions. AND when you're all done.....you watch him throw all the equipment in the trash. I've had other piercings and this by far was the best experience EVER! If I need another I will definitely go back. Thank you so so so much Kivaka! I am now a loyal fan. Oh...and if paying by credit/debit....make sure you tell him before he swipes if you want to add tip to the card. ;)

*Wendy S.Oswego, IL 5 stars

I got my bellybutton pierced here about 7 years ago along with my eyebrow and lip, he is very friendly and will make you feel comfortable. Also the place is very clean and will definitely will be going back for more piercings :) Highly recommended!

*Bri Vega — 5 stars

Perfect! Went to Kivaka to get my nose pierced for the second time and he was great! Friendly and knowledgable, this is your guy with a great assortment of jewelry too :) I was so happy and excited over my piercing I forgot when I can come in to switch from a stud to a ring though :/ so Kivaka, when can I come back in? Thanks again :D

*Missmonster m. Chicago, IL 5 stars

I got my first piercing there today. He was friendly and the septum piercing went smoothly! Everything was clean and i felt like i could trust what he was doing. He made me feel comfortable and had a good personality. Very happy customer. I marked the range as moderate since i dont want to give the impression this is a "cheap" place ( like too cheap where you wonder about quality) but I felt the price was very fair!

Jose Mendieta ----5 stars

Awesome experience every time. The true definition of excellent customer service. He really cares about his work. Verb careful and clean work. Strongly recommend him

Taylor Grissom---- 5 stars

Got both of my nipples pierced today. Was really nervous at first but he was super cool yet also very professional about it and answered any questions I had. I was very comfortable and didn't feel much pain at all. It was done quickly and smoothly! Out of the 17 piercings I've had done over the years and all the places that I've gone to, none have compared to him. Never thought a nipple piercing could be so painless. I wouldn't consider going to anyone else anymore! Great experience!! Very happy and will definitely be going back for future piercings

Michael Casey--- 5 Stars

Dom D. ---5 Stars

I'll trust my grandmother is in good hands with this young man anyday. Great service and he's a one of a kind.

Aaron Man 5 Stars

I recently had piercing done at Kivaka. The gentleman who did my piercing was very friendly and professional. I would definitely come back for future piercing needs and would surely recommend. Cheers!

Patel Nidhi 5-Stars
I visited Kivaka to get my nose pierced earlier this week. After spending a lot of time on internet trying to find a good piercing place I selected Kivaka and I must say that I received one of the best and most professional service at an affordable price. I am very happy with the results and would definitely come back in future.
Gilbert 5 Stars
Very excellent place to go to. Kivaka is very knowledgeable and helpful, I highly recommend him.

Olivia Rivetna 5 stars

. I just turned 18 and I went in to get my bellybutton pierced and I had an awesome experience. I was super nervous at first but he is such a chill guy and made me feel super at ease. I would definitely recommend him to everyone !

Brittaney Gonsoulin 5 stars

I went there about a month ago (maybe two now) to initially get a triple forward. I had this piercing done a few years back at a different place, but they didn't do a great job, and it also eventually got infected so I took it out. I loved that piercing, so I asked his opinion on it. He straight up told me that my ears are too small and the best he could do was two piercings instead of three. Love the honesty! But that's not what I wanted at all. He told me a triple conch would look good on me with the shape of my ears, etc. This is a piercing I would never have thought of, and I was nervous agreeing to it, but obviously I did. I am also afraid of needles. During the process I had to lay down between each piercing because I was feeling light headed. I apologized to him a million times for being a baby, but he was super nice about it and waited every time until I was ready. He even told me stories, made jokes, and talked about random things to keep my mind off the needle. I LOVE this piercing! Definitely am going back to him if I am wanting another piercing!!!

Patel Nidhi 5 Stars
I visited Kivaka to get my nose pierced earlier this week. After spending a lot of time on internet trying to find a good piercing place I selected Kivaka and I must say that I received one of the best and most professional service at an affordable price. I am very happy with the results and would definitely come back in future.

Mary Dworzycki 5 Stars

Kivaka does amazing work, I've gotten my rook and nose pierced by him and they both turned out amazing with no problems. Kivaka is professional yet hilarious and cool at the same time. I will only get piercings done by him from now on!

J.C 5 Stars

Kivaka is an educated professional body modifier. I have received all my piercings from him and will not allow any other piercer to touch me. He is extremely professional and 100% most sanitary. He takes pride in his work and it shows. Out of all 15 of my piercings & re-piercings, NOT ONE has ever gotten infected. He will properly pierce you & explain how to correctly take care of it. He is hands down the best around!

Mackenzie Rooks 5 Stars

One of the nicest people I've ever met! He pierced my belly button and my friends nose and I will be be going back for every piercing. He was very friendly and gentle with the piercing. Very informative and clean environment.

  • Tom S. 5 Stars
I would recommend this place to anyone. Kivaka is great!!!  The place is clean, the people are friendly, and it's just an-all-around great place to go for piercings or tattoos.

Adam D. 5 Stars

Kivaka was great! He did my piercing and was very down to earth an laid back. He also answered all my questions in full detail. He made sure everything was covered.

Ell 5 Stars

I've had 5 of my piercings done here, my nose, monroe, tragus, nipples and clit hood. Kivaka is the nicest and most professional piercer I've been to, I highly recommend him to any person who needs a piercing done. He has an amazing reputation and if you're nervous he makes you feel comfortable. All of his piercings are done very well, you can see a lot of the dif things he's done in the gallery on kivaka.com

Maggie Duffy 5 Stars

Loved coming here...made me feel comfortable and took his time with me.


1. Choose an aftercare product that is specifically formulated to be used on a piercing.

2. DO NOT use Vaseline, Neosporin, Bactine, Alcohol etc. on a fresh piercing!

3. Over the counter products were never intended to be used as piercing aftercare.

4. PunkMedics Natural Aftercare products for your piercing.

*Piercing Aftercare Spray*

* Ensure hands and piercing are clean and rinsed using a mild soap like SimpleCleanse

* To reduce redness and irritation of a fresh piercing, spray a small amount of SimpleCare directly on your piercing 2 to 3 times per day for the first 72 hours after your procedure

* Use as needed after the first 72 hours

* Allow to dry and do not wipe off

* Please wash hands again with SimpleCleanse after handling your piercing

* Continue to use SimpleCare when ever your healed piercing is irritated.

$10.00 Sold at @kivaka

*Cleaning a Piercing*

*Always wash your hands with a mild soap like SimpleCleanse before touching your fresh piercing. 

*Touching your piercing with dirty hands can easily result in an infection.

*While in the shower wash away any crusted matter from the jewelry and the area surrounding the piercing.

*Place a small drop of SimpleCleanse into the palm of your hands, rub together till lather forms and clean your piercing and surrounding area.

*Wait 30 seconds, and then let water run over the piercing and thoroughly rinse the soap off of your skin.

I can also set an appointment with if you would like to be pierced with the companies below. Pricing may vary


Internally threaded or Push Pin style.

Titanium 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM: F-13

316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel

Ear Piercing


Basic Post with Gem "cz"

Basic fixed bead hoop
$40 for one $60 both
$35 for one $50 both
$50 non gems/ $100 double gem
Triple Helix
Oral & Facial Piercings
$50 for one and $70 for both
$40 L-Shaped $80 Push pin
Vertical Lip
Vertical Labret
$50 double gem style
*These piercings are for adults age 18 and over.
$50 for one and $80 for both


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